Mike Greaney (Owner)

Mike has been a Personal Trainer for 8 years, starting off when he was just 19 years old he is already a veteran of the PT industry. Mike worked in a few different gyms before deciding it was time to open his own place that truly represented his style of training. Hence Boom Boxing & PT was born. Having many accomplishments in various sports over the years he has taken the best from each sport and each coach that he has trained with to produce a truly amazing style that he now passes on to you.

Jeremy Ayling (Personal Trainer)

Jeremy has the energy and skills to train absolute beginners through to hardcore athletes. Jeremy has a high degree of practical experience in numerous self defence systems and training methods gained over the last 6 years, this including being personally trained by the world’s leading Krav Maga instructor John Whitman (from USA), and achieving Level 3 status in Krav Maga. With a huge variety of training methods at your disposal you are guaranteed to have a great time while achieving your fitness goals