Boom Energy is a community of like minded trainers and clients

Get the most out of training that suits your lifestyle

The benefits:
  • Choose from a selection of trainers with different specialties – train with one or all
  • Attend a range of custom circuits designed and run by our trainers
  • Be part of a community, we don’t take things too seriously
  • Get involved in Boom Energy events
  • Take part in challenges designed for various levels and achievements
  • Access specialised information on nutrition, supplements and more
  • $20pwk for 24/7 access and classes
  • $40pwk for pro membership (includes 24/7 access and all classes)

Join a community of people who want to live life

Boom Energy is about a community of people who want to live life.

It’s about having fun, not taking things too seriously but training hard to get real results…

Choose a trainer that suits you

All circuit sessions run by trainers

Open session days

Be part of a community

Take part in events and activities

Train in a relaxed atmosphere

Boom Energy is a facility that enables trainers to run their own show

Boom Energy for Trainers

Boom Energy is a facility that enables trainers to run their own show. You get the benefit of being able to run your own business, collaborate with other like minded trainers and be part of a community.
What are the benefits:
  • Run your own business
  • Have a stack in the business and have your say
  • Create your own circuits
  • Create open training sessions for members
  • Generate income of annuity through ongoing margins on membership
  • Create you own challenges and programs based on your areas of expertise
  • Be part of a small group of trainers
  • Have direct access to clients
  • Feature in the Boom Energy App and Website
  • Listing in the Boom Welcome Pack
  • Start as a Level 1 and switch to Level 2 when you are established
  • Access to marketing expertise and inclusion in Boom Energy’s promotions
  • Opportunity to be involved in future developments and growth
  • Opportunity to be involved in BoomLive online content and new technology developments